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John Calipari on Texas Tech Fans: ‘This was a Classy Crowd’

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After the Texas Tech Red Raiders lost a heartbreaker in overtime to the Kentucky Wildcats, Tech fans got a surprise compliment from Kentucky head coach John Calipari.

Following his team’s win, Calipari said in his press conference, “I’ve been to all kinds of different arenas. This was a classy crowd. I’ve been to arenas where I don’t want to take my team back. It’s disgusting. Like why should I do that and help another program if you have got to walk in and it’s just disgusting? Here, that was a classy crowd. They were all over it for their team and they didn’t care about us.”

Here’s the full video from our own Matthew Postins who was in Lubbock for the game.


Calipari gets a lot of grief as the King of the one-and-done and head coach at a blue blood program, but let’s give the man some props and Texas Tech fans should pat themselves on the back.

In a time when it seems like fans behaving poorly get all the attention, it’s great to see the opposite for a change, especially coming from someone with the stature of Calipari.

So well done, Texas Tech fans. Treat yourself to another cold one after that tough loss, but be proud of the impression you’re making to coaches, teams and opposing fans around the nation.

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