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Heartland College Sports Giving Away Gift Cards on Message Boards

gift cards

Here’s the deal: We launched the HCS message boards several months ago to bring the Big 12 community together.

It has not worked.

I know many of you are members of your individual team boards, plus Reddit and Twitter to spare with other fans. But we want to bring you all together.

So to reignite these boards as we approach March Madness and spring football, we will be giving away a $25 gift card every week to the best poster of the week on the message boards.

Click here and go to “register” or “login” to sign up.

This does not mean the most frequent poster, although frequency will be considered, but also those with the best points, and those who bring others into the conversation. If you bring multiple people onto the boards, you will be up for the strongest consideration, just email me who you’ve gotten to sign up: [email protected].

The gift cards will be from and be the company of your choice: Home Depot, Bass Pro Shop, Nike, Southwest, Spotify, Netflix, Burger King, whatever your heart desires on the list.

So, to all of you, thanks so much and let’s get the boards going to create the best and most fun environment for fans across the Big 12 to interact and jab at each other!


Pete Mundo

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