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Could College Football’s Season be Delayed by Coronavirus? One Coach Thinks So.

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Coronavirus has had a major impact on all of America, including the sports world. The NCAA Tournament was cancelled, something that has never happened, not even through World War II. Spring football and spring games have been cancelled.

But one thing that we haven’t yet discussed, probably because we don’t even want to fathom the idea, is the college football season being delayed. Not cancelled, because if we are still fighting this virus in the fall, then forget football, the entire American economy will be upside down. But if we are fighting this through early summer and colleges take extra precautions about when students can come back on campus, then the college football season could be delayed.

If there are no offseason workouts possible and everyone has to show up, say, August 1st, and get ready for games that count in a few weeks, it could be tough physically and academically on a lot of players. So there is always a possibility of the season being delayed.


Virginia head coach Bronco Mendenhall told CBS Sports and a group of reporters this week, “We’re acting as if, and we’re making preparations as if, we won’t have spring practice. We possibly won’t have players here for summer school, any session, and possibly we won’t have the opportunity for anything other than fall camp to begin.

“Knowing that fall camp timing might even be pushed back, meaning that there certainly could be a chance that it’s not even be a full schedule played this year — if football is played, period.”

My heart just skipped a beat. These couple of weeks have been tough enough as is with no college sports to watch or follow. If the college football season is also impacted… say it ain’t so!

“I’m willing to look at that vision as far as possible saying, ‘What if there is no football this season,’ or ‘What if there is a modified season?'” Mendenhall added.

Stop, please stop. Don’t do this to us. Not on a weekend when we should be enjoying another 16 thrilling second round NCAA Tournament games between Saturday and Sunday. Instead, many of us are getting a head start on spring cleaning and yard work. Not exactly what I envisioned this weekend looking like one month ago.

But it is the new reality for all of us, including those in the sports world.

While nobody has a crystal ball to predict when this all comes to an end or what the country and world will look like in just a couple weeks from now (if you think you do, go play the lottery), this is clearly something that is being factored into the equation for those folks that run the college football world.

But with the FBS season about six months away, starting on Saturday, August 29th, and most teams starting Saturday, September 4th, it is a reality we all must consider given the uncertainty of these times.

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