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Oklahoma, Texas Lead Big 12 Odds to Make College Football Playoff

NCAA Football: Texas at Oklahoma

Sure, it feels like sports will never return and the fear that the college football season might be delayed is apparently getting more traction. I, for one, am an optimist who believes that we will be back to relative normalcy by that point.

So for more optimism, how about a look at some odds for who is most likely to make the College Football Playoff in 2021? The latest odds are out from BetOnline.AG.

As you’ll see below, the Oklahoma Sooners have the best odds in the Big 12 and fourth-best odds in the country to reach the playoff, while the Texas Longhorns are in the top ten with 4/1 odds. Also making the list are Oklahoma State (14/1) and Iowa State (20/1). These were the only Big 12 teams to make it.

Here’s the full rundown.


Odds to Make the 2021 College Football Playoffs

Clemson                       1/2       

Ohio State                    2/3       

Alabama                       4/5       

Oklahoma                     5/4       

Georgia                        3/2       

LSU                              2/1       

Notre Dame                  11/4     

Florida                          7/2       

Texas                           4/1       

Texas A&M                   4/1       

Auburn                          5/1       

Oregon                         5/1       

Penn State                    6/1       

Michigan                       13/2     

Washington                   10/1     

Wisconsin                     10/1     

Florida State                 14/1     

Oklahoma State            14/1     

Tennessee                    14/1     

Utah                             14/1     

Miami FL                       16/1     

Minnesota                     16/1     

Iowa State                    20/1     

Nebraska                      20/1     

Iowa                             25/1     

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