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College Football Considering Moving Season Up to July, August, September

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As the coronavirus outbreak continues to rapidly change the nation and world, a new report says colleges are considering moving the college football season up to July, August and September, as reported by Sports Business Journal.

As SBJ reported, “Amid a growing concern that the college football season could be pushed back, or even canceled, an alternative could come into play — moving the season up to July, August and September, writes SBJ’s Michael Smith. Every other scenario has the season starting later in the fall, at a time when the coronavirus could be returning for another round of infections as the cool weather returns and a vaccine most likely unavailable until 2021. But staging an abbreviated college football season in the summer presents an opportunity to play games when the warm weather could help prevent the spread of the virus.”


But as the article goes on to note, there are a slew of factors that have to be considered here. What would ESPN and FOX Sports think of this? Would the campuses be able to be properly staffed? How would players hold up in the 90-degree weather in places like Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and down through the rest of the SEC territory. And the fans?

To me, this feels drastic based on where we stand right now. As of today, 55% of the coronavirus cases are in the New York City metro. Yes, it’s a big number, and people are dying and will continue to die from this virus.

But I can’t imagine coaches, players, fans or media outlets being receptive to this. And if we’re seriously looking at no sports, or major events, come late fall/winter of 2020-21, we will have far bigger issues than sports. Forget anyone going to see a theoretical football game, the economy will be in such shambles, no one will be able to afford to go to one.

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