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Kliff Kingsbury is Flexing on NFL Draft Night

It is no secret that Kliff Kingsbury loves to show off. Maybe it is his Ryan Gosling like looks or maybe it is the fact that he got fired from Texas Tech only to land a head coaching job in the NFL for his offensive genius. 

No disrespect to Lubbock or the west Texas culture but it never fit the flashy lifestyle that Kliff gives off. This is not college anymore and by the looks of it, Kliff is all in on his new life out in the desert. 


Now under normal circumstances, he would be in the “War” room in the headquarters of the Arizona Cardinals but with everything going on, it is a virtual draft and coaches and general managers are free to do their work wherever seems fit. And it looks like Kingsbury has made his living room his own personal headquarters for the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. 

I mean, look at this place. No telling how much his outfit costs but have you looked at this backyard? It looks like a football field with a fireplace in the middle. Honestly, I am just surprised he is wearing clothes and not some designer pajamas. Is there a rug made of Alpaca somewhere? And where are all the women hiding? And does he have a butler to bring him drinks or someone to feed him grapes while fanning him? So many questions from one picture. But the biggest take away here is do you think that Kliff Kingsbury is missing Lubbock right about now? I seriously doubt it.

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