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Texas AD Chris Del Conte Takes Incredible Jab at Texas A&M

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You know that old saying “Everything is bigger in Texas.”? Trucks, steaks, and Athletic Director’s taking shots on Twitter? Well, while Twitter shots are not exactly what comes to mind for the classic Texas phrase but that is exactly what unfolded on Tuesday afternoon. 

During an interview with Horns247, Texas Athletic Director Chris Del Conte was asked about the possible return of a Texas/Texas A&M matchup, Del Conte was very blunt saying “I looked at where we were, and promptly looked at why we have to create great games at home and add an incredible value to our season ticket package. We promptly went out and scheduled Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Ohio State and Michigan, and we have one more that we will be announcing shortly on the back end of this contract. My goal is to play anyone that has won a national championship in the modern era as part of our non-conference schedule. We have LSU that won a national championship in the modern era. You go down the list — Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Ohio State — at the University of Texas, these are the brands that we should be playing home and away, and we are going to do that. That was my scheduling philosophy.”


When I first read that, I nearly spit out the water I was drinking. Del Conte isn’t one for taking jabs but my goodness, after that shot you knew A&M’s Athletic Director Ross Bjork had to respond and he did saying “Our position on the renewal of the UT rivalry remains the same. Let’s meet in the playoffs. We are focused on other things with regards to non-conference games.”

All pettiness aside, let us look at the facts here shall we? When Chris Del Conte said that his goal is for Texas to play anyone that has won a national championship in the modern era in the non-conference that obviously excludes the Aggies. 1939 was not exactly yesterday and since then color TV has been invented along with microwaves, super glue, VCR’s, hell, the first McDonalds did not even open until 1955 for crying out loud. So, a lot has happened and changes since then except for one thing. Texas A&M hoisting a national championship trophy. 

And while we would all love a Texas/Texas A&M matchup in the College Football Playoff like Texas A&M’s Athletic Director Ross Bjork said, how likely is that top happen? I would have a better chance at hitting the lottery twice in three months or having hundred dollars bills fall from the sky before that happens. I understand Texas is not the power that it once was in the 2000’s but Texas A&M was not even a power to begin with. For a team to reach the playoffs, at the very least they must play for a conference title and the Aggies have not done that in the last 20 years. In fact, they have just one more than ten games in a season one time since 1999. 


All in all, this topic seems to come up every summer since A&M bolted for the SEC. Of course, with no sports going on this was bound to come up at some point and it just so happened to be brought up earlier than usual. Until both sides can come up with some sort of agreement, unfortunately this game seems like it is getting further and further away because like a bad marriage, the two parties can never agree on anything. However, after soaking all of this in, I enjoyed watching the Texas media but mostly the A&M fans, I mean media react to this as well. Oh boy what do we have here?

Speaking of diapers, did you know that disposable diapers did not even exist when A&M won their last national championship? Oh well, maybe Texas should stay focused on playing good teams from the SEC that win football games on the field instead of teams that are not even relevant in their own conference. 

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