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A Texas-Sized Twitter Mistake

There is not a lot that bothers me on social media, but I just could not pass this up. This past Saturday was National BBQ Day and the Texas Longhorns Twitter account decided to join in on the fun. And instead of making people happy, they made people uncomfortable with this tweet. 


First off, let me start by saying that C.B. Stubblefield (the founder of Stubbs) was born in Navasota, Texas which is about two hours east of Austin. Secondly, he moved to Lubbock, Texas as a child back in the 1930s. There in Lubbock, he opened his first restaurant called Stubb’s Bar-B-Q back in 1968 and did not relocate to Austin until 1984. But that is the least of my worries here. 

I can not speak for other Texans, but I would like to think that we take our BBQ very seriously here. Even if you would not agree with that or think that Texas BBQ is not as good as advertised, there is one thing that everyone knows no matter where you live. Beef is king here in the Lone Star State and brisket is a must when you talk BBQ. But putting BBQ sauce on brisket? That should be a minimum of a $1,000 fine and a ban from all BBQ restaurants for at least a year. Could you imagine putting steak sauce on a beautiful ribeye steak? I don’t think so. 

It was a shame to see that tweet and I would want to tell people that Texans can do better. There are so many great BBQ spots in Austin where the brisket is as juicy and tender as can be and once you look at it and taste it, the thought of covering it in BBQ sauce would not even cross your mind. I just want to know the person behind the account so I can truly give them a piece of my mind and for embarrassing the state of Texas. 

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