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WVU President Gordon Gee: ‘If one of our athletes gets coronavirus, we can’t just shut the whole thing down’

Gordon Gee

West Virginia University President Gordon Gee joined the Paul Finebaum show on Monday and put the coronavirus into perspective as it relates to how college sports should move forward as we approach college football this fall.

Gee told Finebaum he believes students and athletes should return to campus this fall, saying, “We need to get over the panic. If one of our athletes gets coronavirus, we can’t just shut the whole thing down. We have to learn how to control that part of it.

He went on to say, “Someone’s going to come down with the coronavirus, let’s be clear about it. So the question is how do we handle it? … Then the final thing for college football is how do we make certain that both teams are given all the opportunities to protect themselves from the virus, but also to be able to play the game in a safe environment.”

Here’s a clip of Gee’s full comment.


The usual suspects are outraged by Gee’s comments, but he’s absolutely right. This virus is deadly, however it is not deadly for young people. You have a better chance of getting hit by lightning this year (1/700,000) than you do of being a coronavirus victim under the age of 25 (~1/1,000,000).

Gee added that quarantine rooms or something of that ilk will have to be implemented for the athletes, and he’s right, but there will be plenty of opinion pieces written about how unpaid college athletes are putting their lives at risk if and when college athletics return this fall.

Gee seems to be having an appropriate and measured response on this issue and how to best deal with it moving forward. He added he expects the opener on September 5th against Florida State to be played, adding, “I think it’s fairly high. If we had hope without hard work, that would be dumb. But we’re doing a lot of hard work, and so are all of the Power 5 conferences.”

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