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Betting Tips and Casino Bonuses for the Big 12 Conference

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Looking at ways to make money betting on the Big 12 Conference, including backing favorites and using sports and no deposit casino bonuses.

Big 12 Conference Tips and Casino Bonuses 

The Big 12 Conference of today is highly competitive, making it an enticing prospect for potential gamblers. Not only that, sports bonuses and maybe even no deposit casino bonuses can be used to give you a better chance of finishing ahead. Read on to learn some quick tips for making a profit with Big 12 betting.

Canadian No Deposit Casinos

As we’ll explain below, you can sometimes use casino bonuses in sports betting. But the most obvious way to make use of promotions is at no deposit Canadian casinos. You can easily find no deposit bonuses from all major Canadian casinos and use them to make bets for real cash prizes without having to risk a penny of your own money. Counter-intuitively, these no deposit casinos mean that betting at online gambling sites can actually be a zero risk betting option. There are certain requirements that have to be hit in order to withdraw the bonuses and associated winnings (a minimum bet amount called the wagering requirement, plus a withdrawal cap of a few hundred dollars – usually), but it’s nevertheless a great way to bet.

No deposit bonuses come in a variety of forms, with free spins and free cash being most commonly offered. Free spins are often tied to a specific slots game, whereas free cash can be used more flexibly. There’s a wide range of slots and other games, and Canadian sports fans might particularly like football, hockey, and other sports-themed slots. With hundreds of games regularly available, there’s something to cater to just about every taste.

No deposit Canadian casinos have a lot to recommend them, and those who enjoy both sports and betting may like to try both at once. If you’re a Big 12 fan and want some tips we’ve put together a selection below.

Big 12 Conference Betting Tips

Sports betting generally can be tricky (after all, bookies wouldn’t be in business if it were easy), and there are some particular challenges and opportunities associated with betting on the Big 12 Conference. There’s a strong tendency for favorites to win, which might seem like a trend that makes things rather easier. Make a bet, and have a maybe 75% chance of turning a profit. That’s true, the downside is that sportsbooks are also aware of this high probability, so the odds you’ll get will be on the short side. And the problem with short odds bets is that if you make several it only takes a couple not coming off to push you from the green and into the red. But if you can get decent odds then backing favorites can work to your advantage.

Emotional Volatility

Any sportsman can be affected by his emotional state, and this is especially true of the younger players who comprise teams in the Big 12 Conference. This can swing both ways from a betting perspective. If you keep an eye on what’s going on outside of the stadium then this could provide a clue to performance (whether that’s just not playing well or getting angry and incurring penalties). But this also lends a certain degree of volatility to the performances in general, whereas older sportsmen are perhaps a little more disciplined. Volatility increases uncertainty, and that can mean bookies price the odds wrong.

Unfortunately, the rumor mill is what you’ll have to go on because there’s simply not the same degree of information publicly available when it comes to college sports. The upside is that if you do get a trustworthy source then that info will likely not be known by other gamblers, or the betting websites, giving you a chance to make a well-educated bet.

Canadian Interest in the Big 12

Canadian interest in the Big 12 Conference has been on the rise thanks in part to the likes of Chuba Hubbard (winner of the Jon Cornish Trophy awarded to the most outstanding Canadian student athlete in NCAA Football). Despite being a redshirt freshman, Hubbard was the NCAA’s rushing leader in 2019 and was named the Big 12 Conference’s offensive player of the year.

<p>It’s not just one way traffic either, with plenty of Big 12 players ending up in the CFL. There are literally dozens of such players heading north across the border, including the likes of Zachary Barnes and Samuel Eguavoen of Texas Tech, Josiah St. John and Jarvis Baxter of Oklahoma, William Powell of Kansas State, and many more.</p>

Competitive Odds make Favorites a Good Shout

An interesting feature of the Big 12 Conference is just how competitive the champion odds can be. Ahead of the 2019-20 season the odds only varied from 11/4 to 14/1. For a set of 10 teams, the maximum odds being just 14/1 is very short indeed. For comparison, in the ACC Wake Forest had odds of 100/1. An even starker overseas contrast is with Leicester City FC, who were around 5,000/1 to win the English Premier League in 2015-16, which they went on to do. The upside of these tight odds is that it’s indicative of how competitive the conference is. It’s also worth noting that Kansas, the favorites, were indeed performing very well up until the pandemic threw sport into turmoil. And in a tight market the favorite can often have appealing odds (when outsiders have triple or four digits to their name, favorites can be ridiculously short, meaning there’s little profit to be had). Backing favorites for the title can be a smart play.

Smart Bonus Play

Sports betting bonuses can be another way to make money with the Big 12 Conference. Bookies often offer free, small bets to regular gamblers, and sometimes offer enhanced odds. You can just use these to augment a bet you’d make anyway, or you can be cunning and do something for a smaller but guaranteed profit. If you have a free bet, make the corresponding but opposite bet with another bookie or exchange so you finish ahead either way. Note that if you try this with the same site that’s giving you the bonus they’ll likely spot it, and may well consider it contrary to the terms of the bonus, so it’s better to use another site for the contra-bet.

Some Canadian and overseas online betting sites are multi-tier, providing both casino and sports betting sections. In these cases, you can take advantage of the free bonus cash or free spins in the casino section to get money for sports betting. The way to do this is to redeem such an offer, and then pick the highest RTP (return to player) slots you can find (98% is very high, and 97% is pretty high). Just play through until you hit the wagering requirement, the minimum amount you must gamble prior to withdrawal, and then withdraw your bonus cash and any associated winnings, or transfer it over to the sports section.

Sports betting can be a great way to make a game even more exhilarating to watch. Just remember to keep your feet on the ground, and never bet what you can’t afford to lose.

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