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OU Head Coach Lincoln Riley Concerned Coaches Might Push Limits on Workouts

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Oklahoma vs Georgia

With the Big 12 Conference set to return starting on June 15th for NCAA-approved voluntary workouts, Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley said Wednesday he has some concerns over how coaches will respond and how much players and programs will be pushed.

Riley told reporters, “Sadly, in our college game, ‘voluntary’ has always been a very loose term. The reality of the matter is there’s different institutions and there’s different conferences that allow you to do a different amount, or some just look the other way.

“It’s unfortunate that that’s what it’s come to right now, but we have other parts of our year where that’s always been an issue, and it’s well-known across coaches, players across the country, that’s a rule that’s applied very differently different places and in different parts of the country.”


The Big 12’s return date of June 15th is the same as the Pac-12, but OU elected to wait until July 1st. Meantime, the SEC allowed its athletes to begin voluntary workouts on June 8, while the ACC and Big Ten have left the decision to the individual schools.

Riley added he was proud that OU stuck to their guns, adding,
“The thing I’m proud of is we didn’t wait for somebody else to do it. We didn’t wait for somebody to tell us what we could do. We just did simply what we thought was best. … When our competitors said they’re bringing them back early, we didn’t flinch.”

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