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TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson Drops New Single

NCAA Football: SMU at Texas Christian

There is no doubt that TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson is an intense football coach and you can see the passion he brings week in and week out on the sidelines. He certainly knows how to fire his guys up and coach his tail off and if there are two things in this world that Gary knows, it is intensity and coaching defense. But as we all know this tough and gritty coach has a bit of a softer side.

Gary loves football but he also has another love, music. In fact, coach has been writing music for decades and even had his own band back in his younger days. And with COVID-19 still in effect, Gary thought with all this free time, why not make an album? While he is still working on his new album, Coach Patterson decided to drop his latest single “Take a step back” on Friday night. Who knows, maybe this one could hit the nearest dancehall near you. Enjoy!

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