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Baker Mayfield Will ‘Absolutely’ Kneel During National Anthem

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Press Conference

You will not find many quarterbacks like current Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. Baker is a free spirit and he does what he wants. He does not care what others think about him and whether you like it or not, you should respect that during an era where quarterbacks are groomed to be like robots in front of the media. Even going back to his days at Oklahoma, Baker did things his own way and no matter if they were right or wrong, he owned it and that is what made him unique.


We saw a glimpse of that yesterday on Instagram as a fan posted a message to Baker saying, “Please tell Browns fans you’re not going to be kneeling this season.” And Baker responded with “Pull your head out. I absolutely am.” Again, whether you agree with his statement or not, how many other starting NFL quarterbacks would say that? Baker explained his reasoning for kneeling yesterday on an Instagram post.

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