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KU to Cancel In-Person Classes After Thanksgiving, Resume in Feburary

Kansas Memorial Stadium

As COVID-19 continues to alter our way of live, colleges have been grappling with how best to handle the 2020-21 school year. Well the University of Kansas announced its plan for the return of students in the fall semester.

Classes for the fall semester will begin as planned on Monday, August 24th, but conclude before Thanksgiving, when students will leave campus for the semester. Fall Semester finals will take place in December following a study week, and will be conducted remotely. The expedite the process, there will be no Labor Day holiday or fall break.

Then the spring semester will start February 1st, rather than January 19th and there will be no spring break to help make up lost time for the delayed start. As a result, finals week will also remain unchanged for the spring semester.


In-person classes will be held on campus both semesters, but classes will be scheduled from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. to limit the density of students on campus and allow for frequent cleaning of classrooms.

This gives a look into what might take place with college athletics. We know there is concern of a second wave of the virus, especially as we enter the prime time flu season during the winter months. Is it possible that college football and basketball attempt a similar plan? Get the games done before Thanksgiving? Or any games that take place during the months of December and January will have even fewer fans than those projected for the start of the season?

A lot remains up in the air, but this helps give some clarity into the mindset of the universities as we approach a (hopefully) semi-normal college football season.

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