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Chuba Hubbard Apologizes for Taking Concerns to Twitter

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma State

It been a rollercoaster 24 hours for the Oklahoma State football program. It started when a picture surfaced of head coach Mike Gundy in an OAN t-shirt. Then star running back Chuba Hubbard said he wouldn’t play for Oklahoma State until things changed. That led to comments from the university President and athletic director Mike Holder. Later in the day, Gundy and Hubbard made a video together where they talked about continuing the conversation to improve the culture at Oklahoma State.

Well on Tuesday, Hubbard wrote a lengthy statement on Twitter where he admitted to being wrong about voicing his frustrations in Twitter, rather then going to Gundy “as a man face to face”, but added he “was never wrong for saying what he said.” He added that he had to “hold him [Gundy] accountable either way.”


Here is Hubbard’s full statement.

While Gundy showed sympathy in the video release on Monday night, he did not directly apologize for his shirt. So we have no idea how much closer the team and coaches are after all that has transpired the last day or so, but the good news is that there is two and a half months to go until the season begins, which hopefully means plenty of time for insightful, productive, in-depth conversations where all sides are heard and discussed. That’s how we all grow as individuals.

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