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Baylor Athletic Director: 50-75% Chance Big 12 Plays 12 Games

mack rhoades

We all want to know: How likely is it the Big 12 Conference can play a full 12-game football schedule this fall?

Well according to one athletic director, the chances of that happening are better than 50%. Praise Jesus!

Baylor AD Mack Rhoades was on with our friends at SicEm365 radio to discuss the upcoming season and told Colt Barber, who actually joined my show this week to preview the Baylor Football season, that the Big 12 is hopeful to still play 12 games, adding that he puts the odds at 50-75% chances of that happening.


That’s the kind of optimism this college football fan needs right now when it seems to be mostly “doom and gloom” for many who are in the sports world and cover the world of sports.

Now for the Big 12 to play 12 games, some teams would need to find replacements, such as Iowa State, who had its game cancelled against Iowa because the Big Ten called off all non-conference games. That also happened in the Pac-12 so the likes of Oklahoma State (Oregon State) and TCU (Cal) will need to find replacements as well.

But as we’ve floated out before, could BYU be an option to fill several holes for the Big 12?

Regardless, it’s nice to see the Big 12 taking this approach as we get closer towards kicking off the 2020 college football season.

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