The Odds of making it to The NFL from College

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If you play football in college and have always had dreams of making it to the NFL, then you may need to know what the odds look like. Suffice to say, there is no denying the difficulty of getting chosen to play in the top football league in America. In fact, according to a recent study, only 1.6 percent of applicants are chosen and of these, not all make it to the NFL rosters.

But how about if you are an NCAA athlete and want to get a college degree? At least the numbers here are more promising if you consider that the success rates for graduation are up to 86% for Division I and 71% for Division II. As for Division III, the rates stand at 87%.

So the question now becomes, if you play really good football in high school, where should you focus your energy? Is it to reach the NFL or get a college degree? First off, in college, only 6.5% of football players make it to the NCAA, and only 1.6% make it to the NFL according to lines.com. If you are lucky enough to even make it in the NFL, you will certainly be among the lucky ones if you make it to 3 years in the league.

Now let’s talk about the salary. If say you did make it to the NFL and got the minimum salary, this still wouldn’t be enough to sustain you for life.

Furthermore, according to statistics, your location also matters when it comes to playing in the national league. Those from Houston, Chicago, and Los Angeles have the best chances. Of these three, it is those from Chicago that seem to have the best odds.

That said, college players from Miami and New Orleans also stand a significant chance. However it’s important not to confuse the information as favoring players who come from densely populated areas as other locations such as San Francisco, Memphis and Columbus have some of the lowest odds.

One thing is certainly true, it is super difficult to make it to the NFL. But is this to say that young hopefuls should rather focus on earning their college degrees and forget about the NFL? Certainly not! If you are a promising player and you believe in your talent, you should practice as hard and as much as you can. After all, there are scouts that travel across the states to scan some of the best and most promising players. And who knows, you might just be the next big thing.

Final Thoughts

Many young athletes spend a considerable amount of their young life practicing for a chance to get to the NFL. Even so, it is never easy to play at the National Football League and many young athletes are disappointed when they miss the chance. Only 1.6% of the college football players making it to the NFL, so have a plan B and fall back option in case you don’t make it.

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