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NCAA Allows All FBS Teams to Start Season August 29th

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The NCAA is reportedly set to allow all FBS schools to begin playing the college football season as early as August 29th.

The Big 12 and the majority of college football were originally set to begin on September 5th, with a handful of teams playing in “Week 0” of August 29th.

However, the NCAA’s Football Oversight Committee requested a blanket waiver for all FBS schools willing to move games on their schedule to Aug. 29 so schools have more flexibility in scheduling as concerns continue due to COVID-19.


The Oklahoma Sooners were the first team to do this by moving their opener against Missouri State from September 5th to August 29th. The two teams will now play only three games in the first five weeks of the season, allowing for more time to isolate and quarantine players if needed.

The Pac-12 and Big Ten have already moved to conference-only schedules, while the Big 12, SEC and ACC are working together to piece together schedules that may include at least one non-conference games for each of their schools, but most Big 12 schools are still planning on a 12-game schedule. Most recently, Iowa State announced its plans to replace the Iowa game with Ball State.

The NCAA is also going to be flexible on fall championships, announcing late last week a delay on any announcement for championship games set to be played this fall.

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