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Report: Big 12 Likely to Back Off Full 12-Game Football Schedule

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Every day is a new twist and turn in what the Big 12 and the rest of college football might be doing this fall. On Tuesday, it was reported the Big 12 was looking at a possible conference-only slate over 16 weeks. However this came one day after Iowa State added Ball State to the schedule to fill a void left by Iowa.

But then the biggest piece of news came down on Wednesday evening when the ACC announced it would be playing an 11-game schedule starting on September 12th, which included Notre Dame as a full conference member and able to play in the Conference Championship game.


That means the Big Ten, Pac-12 and ACC had all officially made scheduling tweaks, while the Big 12 and SEC were the only ones who were still holding out hope of a full 12-game schedule.

However, a new report from Stadium’s Brett McMurphy made it appear like the Big 12 may be starting to back off of the idea of getting in a full 12-game schedule.

McMurphy tweeted three options for the Big 12:

  1. 9 Big 12 games, plus 1 non-conference game
  2. 9 Big 12 games
  3. Full 12-game schedule

However as you can see, McMurphy added the last option is the least likely at this point. This news also comes days after the NCAA announced that FBS teams can all start playing games on August 29th and the Oklahoma Sooners moved its opener against Missouri State to that date.

Frankly, it seems more and more likely that a full conference slate won’t happen, but at this point I will gladly take the 10-game schedule, 9 + 1, and call it a day and finally get ready for a college football season.

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