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Big 12 Mailbag: Texas Tech Darkhorse, Texas’ Expectations and Rattler’s Expectations

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Texas

Welcome to the HCS Big 12 mailbag. This mailbag is for all you football junkies out there who root for a Big 12 school who not only have questions about your team, but other teams in the conference as well. So, join me, grab a cold brew or your favorite drink and relax as I answer all your Big 12 questions in my mailbag. 

 I will pick the best question for each mailbag and label it as my question of the week. The winner gets a free HCS Koozie to keep your beer cold (Unless you like it warm, but that’s just plain wrong). I want to thank each one of you who submitted a question this week and for those reading, I am glad you could join me. I am doing this on Monday evening and of course this mailbag wouldn’t be nearly as fun without a cold beverage right next to me choice? An ice-cold Busch Light. Before I begin, I want to thank everyone who submitted a question and Cheers!

@RPTexan asks: Derek, Matt Wells is bringing in a lot of talent to the South Plains, through HS recruiting & the transfer portal. While Tech’s probably not quite ready to finish in the top 2, if Tech wins half their close games, they can finish in the 3 or 4 spot. Why is that wrong? Thanks. 

Duke: Appreciate the question Robert. Our Pete Mundo actually wrote about this possibility a couple of weeks ago. As for me, I look back from 2016 until now, Kliff Kingsbury had some decent years on the recruiting trail. Tech finished with the 44th ranked class in 2016 and the 49th class in 2017. However, things turned sour in 2018 but let’s face it, his job was in serious jeopardy and it was not a secret. 2019 was a transition year for Matt Wells and those are always tough when it comes to recruiting but having the 48th ranked class overall for 2020 is a good start.

 Now, as far as where Tech can finish depends a on the health of quarterback Alan Bowman. I have Texas Tech finishing seventh in the Big 12 and I will be honest with you, I do not see a scenario where they win five Big 12 games. I think three Big 12 wins is more realistic for Tech. Sorry to burst your bubble of hope. 


@KyleGAdema asks: With the Pac 12 and Big 10 being off the board, what impact will that have on TV? I feel like there are a ton of time slots to fill and a lot less games. Will every game be pretty much nationally televised?

Duke: I think this is a huge deal for the Big 12. People are starving for college football and that will drive FOX and ESPN wild. They see dollar signs which means money for the Big 12. As far as time slots go, I do not think ESPN and FOX will be stressing out as much over scheduling and overlapping because there are just three power five conferences to pick from this season. I expect every conference game to be televised however keep in mind, the Big 12 still has their deal with ESPN Plus so if you want to see every Big 12 game, you need ESPN Plus to watch a couple of those games. 

@Schmitty27 asks: With limited schools playing and limited schedules for all those playing how big of a disadvantage does that put the Big 12 for the College Football Playoff. SEC will get more respect and so will Clemson and ND and potentially North Carolina in the ACC. Big 12 needs an undefeated champ to make the College Football Playoff, I think. 

Duke: I am going to keep it simple here. Less teams (due to the Pac-12 and Big Ten bailing) means that there is a better chance for a Big 12 team to get in. The SEC champion will go in no matter what due to the obsession with that conference and more than likely, Clemson will be in as well. But keep in mind that Clemson and Notre Dame will play each other in November. Maybe Notre Dame gets blown out. So, there are still potentially two spots up for grabs. No matter what, I believe a one loss Big 12 champion will get in this season. Book it. 

@caseybourke asks: Texas vs ISU on black Friday playing for 1st place?

Duke: I had to take a big gulp of this Busch Light for this one and I think maybe you should too before I give you my thoughts. I have Texas and Iowa State not making it to Jerry World this season. I have Oklahoma and Oklahoma State as my top two teams this season. I feel confident with Oklahoma, but would I be shocked if Iowa State and Texas maybe fight for that two spot? Not really. So, it could happen, but I doubt either one of them take first place. 


@LonghornFrenzy asks: Will Texas win the Big 12?

Duke: As much as I love your posts about A&M fans crying all the time, I feel like you are trying to stir some things up here in the mailbag. That is fine with me, but I will say no. Texas will not win the Big 12 this season. I understand what is returning with Sam Ehlinger leading the way, but I do not have Texas making the Big 12 title game. I have them finishing third in the Big 12 but I will say this. Would I be surprised if they finished second and made it to the title game? I probably would not however, I do not see a team beating Oklahoma for the crown this season. 

@cdet112 asks: Who will have more touchdowns? Spencer Rattler or the entire Kansas offense? Much help would be appreciated.

Duke: Last season Kansas scored a total of 35 touchdowns (25 passing and 10 rushing). Just by himself Oklahoma’s Jalen Hurts scored a total of 52 touchdowns (32 passing and 20 rushing). I will say that Pooka Williams Jr. scores more than three rushing touchdowns this season however, with the uncertainty at quarterback, I would lean towards Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler. He also has more talent around him to help out. By the way, congratulations because this is my question of the week. I hope you enjoy the free koozie. 

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