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The Big 12 Could Replace Pac-12 With Late-Night Kickoffs

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Kansas

With the Pac-12 out of the picture, it seems like college football fans still need their football after dark fix. You know those games that are still going on at midnight or 1 AM local time as you down your last or one of many more drinks at the bar? Well those are gone. Or are they?

The opening weekend may have your fix as Kansas is set to take on Coastal Carolina at 9 PM central time on FS1 on September 12th. And no, it is not basketball season. I am talking about football baby!

You read that right, Kansas football will get their shot at a late-night prime time game. While their opponent may not be the most exciting (Coastal Carolina), they will be the only game on for your late-night fix. In fact, the closest games to them all kick off at 7 PM central time so that means by about halftime, all eyes will be on Les Miles and the Kansas Jayhawks. All I am asking is that Kansas will actually win this one and that I do not have to see another performance like I did when they lost 12-7 in one of the sloppiest games I have ever watched. 


But could this become a trend where a Big 12 team is playing as late as a 9PM start? We know ESPN and FOX have inventory to advertisers they need to get in and they want to spread out the games as much as possible. With the Big 12 out of the picture, and the Big Ten still not playing, the Big 12 is the furthest west Power 5 Conference that will be in action.

I can see a late-night game in Lubbock between Texas Tech and Baylor. Or TCU getting started at 9PM against Iowa State. It’s not ideal for some of you, but I could get used to it. Take me from 11am to 1am with Big 12 football and I’ll be a happy camper.

I know people are excited that football is back and I am sure some of you crazy people will hit the booze a little early to cook up some breakfast or to get that BBQ going to be ready in time for your favorite team to hit the field. And I am fully aware of that old football Saturday mentality of “You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.” But regardless of how this plays out in the Big 12 this fall, I would ask that you make it to at least 9 PM central time next week to get that late-night football fix so you can place your bets and make yourself a snack to soak up some of that booze. Shall we say it… Rock Chalk?!

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