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College Football Leaders Release Plans for Change on Social Media

NCAA Football: ACC Championship-Virginia vs Clemson

This year in all of sports, it’s not just about the games, it’s about more to many players and coaches. And on Sunday, Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence and other college football leaders released a statement on social media Sunday with a list of five goals for the upcoming season.

Here was Lawrence’s post on Sunday.


The plan includes:

  • Ensure all teammates are registered to vote and have Nov. 3 free from athletic obligations to be able to vote.
  • Further discussions with university presidents and administrators to raise awareness about racial injustice and create initiatives to further empower communities.
  • Create community outreach initiatives, including clothing, food, school supply and book drives, and amplify local organizations that are helping communities.
  • Hold routine conversations about change between college football teams and police departments, local governance and community leaders to build trust and empathy.
  • On game days, wear shirts and make statements on helmets and jerseys, and play tribute videos to recognize the victims of racial injustice.

Lawrence and teammate Darien Rencher were the leaders at Clemson, while other vocal players across the country included Michigan defensive back Hunter Reynolds, Stanford defensive end Dylan Boles and Washington State receiver Kassidy Woods.

Also, the NCAA will allow players to wear patches or names that are not their own on the back of their jerseys this season.

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