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Who is a Bigger Joke: The Big Ten or Pac-12?

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Championship-Southern California vs Stanford

Just a few year ago, the Big 12 was the laughingstock of the Power Five conferences. Whether it was striking out when the realignment iron was hot or whether it was due to a lack of performance in major bowl games. 

But those days are long gone. Since then, the Big 12 (thank you, Oklahoma) has been in the College Football Playoff the last three season which is more than the Big Ten or the Pac-12 can say. I mean the Pac-12 has not had a playoff team in the College Football Playoff since 2016 for goodness sake. Besides that, even our leadership has been better under commissioner Bob Bowlsby in recent years. I mean, think about it. Bringing back the Big 12 title game and guaranteeing that the two best teams in the conference play in December? No other conference can say that because no other conference can have every single team play each other at least once every season. 

However, that was three years ago and since then, COVID-19 has happened and brough the world of college football to the brink of dark times. And during the times of uncertainty, one conference thought they would be the innovator and do the right thing. That conference being the Big Ten. The Big Ten thought wanted to be the first to cancel everything and not play football. But just like social media, just because you are first at something does not make it always right. 


But the Big Ten did not care. They made a rash decision and wanted everyone to follow so they could be applauded. Sure, the Pac-12 followed because the Pac-12 is a miserable conference with poor leadership as commissioner Larry Scott continues to run that conference into the ground. However, the Big 12, SEC and ACC had other ideas. And instead of making an early rash decision, these three conferences thought of a way to play football and keep players safe by setting guidelines and giving themselves a little wiggle room to work with. 

Instead of the Big Ten being applauded, they became the butt of all jokes while the Big 12, ACC and SEC proved to be steady, cool, and calm. Now the Big Ten has come back around to playing football due to the outrage of fans, school members and even politicians. Of course, with the news of the Big Ten trying to start up football again next month meant the Pac-12 had to follow due to their own lack of making any kind of logical decision on their own as it was just announced that UCLA and USC was given permissions to practice again as long as the Pac-12 gives them the thumbs up.


This is all kind of funny isn’t it? Remember just a few weeks ago when the Pac-12 and Big Ten said how unsafe it was to play football? What about the risks and dangers of trying to play football right now? So, my question to the Big Ten and Pac-12 is, what in the world has changed since then? Has there been some kind of magical discovery or perhaps a scientific breakthrough? How about the color green? You know, the same color as money because that is what this is really about. The Big Ten and Pac-12 were sitting at home, getting laughed at and losing money. Meanwhile, other power fives conferences are playing football on national television. 

Oh yeah, and there is that thing called the College Football Playoff still at stake and there was no way the Big Ten or Pac-12 wanted to miss out on that although the Pac-12 did a pretty good job at that already, even when things were normal. Now that the Big Ten and Pac-12 are trying to make their way back, they want a pat on the back like they did the first time around. And while some media members are doing just that (probably because Larry Scott paid them to, like he did with the LA Times), I say screw them.

If the Big Ten and Pac-12 want somebody to blame, they need to look in the mirror. And what do I see? Two idiots. 

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