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Desmond Howard Picks Oklahoma State to Make College Football Playoff

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State

During College Gameday on Saturday before Oklahoma State faced Tulsa in its season opener, the crew was going around making College Football Playoff picks.

And it was Desmond Howard who said he was picking Oklahoma State to reach the playoff. Kirk Herbstreit responded saying, “Oklahoma State?! I love that you’re out there!”

Here is the full video clip of Howard’s prediction.


Bold prediction, but not crazy! If the Pokes only drop one game in the conference, preferably Oklahoma or Texas, and then avenge that loss in the Big 12 Championship Game, then there’s no reason that this can’t become a reality for Oklahoma State.

But Mike Gundy is going to have to avoid losing “that game” that he shouldn’t lose, but seems to happen far too often during the Gundy era. I know Oklahoma State fans are still pained by Ames, Iowa in 2011, and understandably so. But this team might be the best prepared since that team to make a serious run at the College Football Playoff.

However, we hope this bold take isn’t the jinx that Gameday’s Chris “The Bear” Fallica gave to Iowa State, naming them a College Football Playoff dark horse two weeks ago, which was then followed by their awful loss to Louisiana last week.

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