Blackjack Remains a Top Casino Game

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Next to slots, blackjack might be the most popular games for online casino players in New Zealand and worldwide. The card game has an extensive history that dates back to 18th-century France. Some historians believe the game date back many centuries prior. We know that it spread to the United Kingdom, the United States, and elsewhere to become a wildly popular casino card game. When you play online blackjack here, you realize why the game is so popular. The rules are relatively simple, and the chance to win big money exists. 

The Basic Rules and Some Variations

The basic blackjack concept involves reaching 21 without going over and getting a numerical card combination higher than the dealer’s hand. Some rule options, such as doubling down, splitting cards, and buying insurance, add ways for players to wager. To follow the game’s rules isn’t too complicated, but players need to understand the odds to make wise decisions with each hand.

Variations of traditional blackjack exist. Innovative minds came up with different “spins” on playing blackjack, which adds some potential benefits or challenges to players. Double Exposure rules, for example, present a game where both dealer’s cards are face up. If the player has 19 and the dealer has 20, the player has to hit or accept a defeat. Taking a hit would change the game’s flow what would typically occur under traditional rules. Multihand Blackjack and Deal or No Deal Blackjack two other options, and there are more.

Skill and the Art of Playing Blackjack

Whether playing blackjack at a brick-and-mortar casino or an online one, the game does present a benefit other games might not: the player’s skills may influence the outcome. Spinning a “wheel of fortune” could be an enjoyable experience, but the game is one purely of chance. With blackjack, a player could make decisions that impact what happens. A player’s decision to hit or stick based on his/her cards relative to the dealer reveals the player is an active participant.

A player’s taking advantage of double-down or split rules also show he/she does not leave everything to chance. The player’s decision-making abilities also show blackjack is an active game, which makes it exciting.

The Dealer’s Locked into the Rules

While the player can make different decisions, the dealer remains beholden to the rules. The dealer must hit on all cards up to 16 and stand on 17 and beyond. Even when the player has 18, the dealer stands on 17. So, the player does gain some advantages. Granted, the player must hit first, which could be a rule in the dealer’s favor. Regardless, the removal of decisionmaking from the dealer has some upsides.

Mobile Gaming Advantages

Mobile gaming brings even more advantages to players. With an appropriate mobile device, players can play blackjack anywhere they receive a reliable signal. Advanced software created by top developers increases the chances of a preferable experience. The days of exclusively traveling to a casino in-person are over. The mobile era has arrived.

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