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Oklahoma State Tried to Add Opponent Following Baylor Postponement

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Oklahoma State

News broke on Sunday that Oklahoma State’s game against Baylor set for this weekend had been postponed to December 12th due to the Bears’ issues with COVID-19.

Since this would have given OSU two-straight bye weeks, head coach Mike Gundy shared the news in his weekly conversation with Dave Hunziker, that OSU athletic director Mike Holder did his best to try and “pick up an opponent”, but there was no luck for the Pokes.

Gundy never shared specifics on what team(s) they targeted to fill the hole this week. Was it a conference opponent? Was it a non-conference game?

We don’t know, but clearly Gundy was open to the idea since Oklahoma State will now have three weeks between games.


Gundy added, “We’re off Baylor, Baylor goes back to the middle of December. So you take all that and file it away, and now get ready for Iowa State.”

The Cowboys and Bears will play on December 12th, the open date which was scheduled by the Big 12 to be either the Big 12 Championship or a date for make up games that are needed due to COVID complications.

As Gundy noted, Oklahoma State will now begin preparations for Iowa State, which is likely to be a top 20 match up, with kick off set for 2:30 CST on October 24th.

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