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Big 12 Football Mailbag: Can Iowa State or Oklahoma State Run the Table? Does WVU Have a Shot?

Oct 6, 2018; Stillwater, OK, USA; Iowa State Cyclones head coach Matt Campbell and Oklahoma State Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy (right) meet before a game at Boone Pickens Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the HCS Big 12 mailbag. This mailbag is for all you football junkies out there who root for a Big 12 school who not only have questions about your team, but other teams in the conference as well. So, join me, grab a cold brew or your favorite drink and relax as I answer all your Big 12 questions in my mailbag.  

I will pick the best question for each mailbag and label it as my question of the week. The winner gets a free HCS Koozie to keep your beer cold (Unless you like it warm, but that’s just plain wrong). I want to thank each one of you who submitted a question this week and for those reading, I am glad you could join me. I am doing this on Monday evening and of course this mailbag wouldn’t be nearly as fun without a cold beverage right next to me. My choice? An ice-cold Busch Beer. Cheers! 


@ColeLinton3 asks: Odds on an Oklahoma State/West Virginia rematch for the Big 12 title? 

Duke: Well, first off, Oklahoma State already has the upper hand over West Virginia. For starters, they have the head to head win. And secondly, I do not think West Virginia is a top five team in the Big 12 right now. I would have Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Iowa State, TCU, Texas, and Oklahoma ahead of the Mountaineers at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, the Mountaineers have a top two or three defense in the Big 12 but until I can trust Jarret Doege in the passing game (not to mention Sam James who is dropping passes left and right) then I have little faith in them making it to a conference title game. Put it this way, the defense is a Big 12 championship caliber defense. The offense looks like a fringe bowl team. I think it will be a couple years before the Mountaineers get close to where they were in 2018. Give it some time.  

@tracks182 asks: Why am I obsessed with Matt Campbell’s beard? 

Duke: Um, I think I am going to stay away from this one. Far, far away from this one.  

@Schmitty27 asks: Is Oklahoma State/Iowa State a defacto play in game for the Big 12 title game? 

Duke: It is for Iowa State in my mind. If the Cyclones win on Saturday, they have Kansas and Baylor in the following two weeks. So just go ahead and chalk those up as two more wins to put them at 6-0 in the Big 12. Their last three games are against Kansas State, Texas, and West Virginia. So even if they have a hiccup in one of those weeks, I think an 8-1 Big 12 record is well within reach if they win this weekend. So yes, the Cyclones would have a great shot at making it to Jerry World.  

As for Oklahoma State, they have by far played the easiest Big 12 schedule. They have already played Kansas and West Virginia and were supposed to play Baylor last weekend before well, you know. But even if the Cowboys win, they still have a tough schedule ahead as they still must play Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas State and TCU.  


@mlevere1992 asks: Who has a better chance to run the table? Oklahoma State or Iowa State? 

Duke: Without a doubt in my mind it is Iowa State. Like I mentioned in the previous question, after this their schedule is much easier than Oklahoma State’s. Iowa State has already beaten Oklahoma, TCU, and Texas Tech while Oklahoma State has still only played Kansas and West Virginia. The Cowboys have a much tougher road ahead after this weekend so that is why I will pick the Cyclones. But I will say, I think the Big 12 title game will feature two Big 12 teams with multiple losses.  

@Woody5211 asks: Can you almost pencil in the winner of Oklahoma State vs Iowa State into the Big 12 Championship game? Especially since Iowa State having a win over Oklahoma.  

Duke: Man, this mailbag is focused heavily on the Iowa State/Oklahoma State matchup this weekend and for good reason. It is an important game and even though College Gameday doesn’t see it that way, I do. And I hate to sound like a broken record but if Iowa State wins on Saturday, I am ready to write them in the Big 12 title game with a damn sharpie. However, if Oklahoma State wins, I would be fine with writing them into the Big 12 title game but maybe not with a sharpie. Maybe I would do it in pencil so I can possibly erase it later due to their schedule getting tougher. But anyways, that’s just me. Oh, and congrats on question of the week. You have earned yourself a free koozie.

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