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ESPN’s Heather Dinich the Latest to Take Dig at Big 12 Conference in CFB Playoff Race

NCAA Football: College Football Playoff-Selection Sunday

There have been many stupid things said about the College Football Playoff since it began back in the 2014 season. From unexplainable rankings to flat-out brain-dead decisions, it always makes me wonder who is saying what in these so-called weekly meetings in North Texas.

For years, the Big 12 Conference has been an afterthought. National talking heads and SEC fan boys having been taking shot after shot when talking about the Big 12. Most of than talk has come from the whole, “The Big 12 doesn’t play defense” argument that has plagued the conference over the last decade. And here we are in 2020 where Big 12 offenses are taking over the SEC and people are so shocked at some of these scores. But remember, suddenly these SEC games become, “A classic game with great offenses”.

You can thank ESPN for narratives like these because they have their precious SEC Network that spends 24-hours a day sucking up to the almighty SEC along with Paul Clownbaum. However, the SEC Network is not the only thing ESPN has outside of their terrible shows that talk about everything under the sun except sports.


For years now, ESPN has hosted the College Football Playoff rankings that are released weekly starting in November. Each week we must sit there and watch the committee release their top 25 and then afterwards, a clueless athletic director tries to explain the rankings which usually do not make sense. And it seems like year after year, the Big 12 gets little respect even falling behind the lowly Pac-12, at times.

However, ESPN does not just host the ranking show, they have their own college football playoff reporter Heather Dinich. She normally reports on anything related to the playoff and is always on whatever college football show is on during the season to discuss her thoughts about the playoff rankings. I imagine if someone sneezes or takes a bite of a sandwich in the meeting room, she knows about.

Normally if a power five team runs the table, it is never a question of if they are going to make the College Football Playoff. The question is where in the top four will they be ranked. However, this does not appear to be the case with Heather Dinich as she tweeted this out after the Oklahoma State win against Iowa State.

Keep in mind, Oklahoma State is the only undefeated Big 12 team sitting at 4-0. But what in the hell does she mean by, “they have a chance”? If an SEC, ACC, Big Ten or gosh forbid a Pac-12 team was undefeated after playing all their games, would it even be a question for them to make it to the playoff? Hell no.


I understand, though. Everyone person around her, whether it be on TV or in the playoff committee, loves to trash the Big 12. Maybe she is easily influenced or maybe she put zero thought before hitting the send button. Or maybe she wanted a reaction. But whatever it was, she got the attention. I just hope enough of you are as frustrated as I am when I saw this. Just another reason to love ESPN, right?

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