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Oklahoma Sooners with Best Big 12 CFB Playoff Odds, Followed by Oklahoma State

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Oklahoma

We are heading into the final full month of the college football season. When I was watching Texas vs. West Virginia on Saturday there was a graphic showing the Big 12 with just a 2% chance of making the College Football Playoff.

That seems too low for my liking, but I do realize it’s a longshot at this point. With that being said, the Oklahoma Sooners have the best odds to make the College Football Playoff at 60/1, followed by Oklahoma State at 100/1, and then it’s the Texas Longhorns back at 300/1.


The Oklahoma Sooners already have two losses, while Oklahoma State has just one, but that tells me that Vegas is very confident in OU beating Oklahoma State during their Bedlam match up in two weeks.

Considering how Oklahoma has looked the last couple of weeks and how Oklahoma State has looked the last couple of weeks, I get it. But OU still needs a lot to take place to even have a chance at making the Playoff this year.

Interesting, Iowa State is not even listed, despite having a decent chance at reaching the Big 12 Title game and winning the Conference. But their season-opening loss to Louisana-Lafayette likely has them out of the picture for good.

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