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Forget the CFB Playoff, the Big 12 Has Its Own Playoffs Brewing

The College Football Playoff has not been kind to the Big 12. From TCU and Baylor being left out of the inaugural playoff in 2014 to the lack of respect the playoff committee has shown to the conference over the last few years. Sure, Oklahoma has found their way in over the past few years but still to this day, the Big 12 remains winless in the College Football Playoff.

In this wild year of 2020, crazy things have happened. Some conference are playing ten games while others play by their own set of rules. No matter how many games you play, the playoff committee is looking at one thing: That, of course, is winning, and as much as I hate to say it, if you are not named Oklahoma Sooners a or Texas Longhorns, you must be perfect to get in. Unfortunately, there is no perfect team in the Big 12 and when the first set of rankings come out next week, don’t expect the playoff committee to give the Big 12 a break.

But I am here to tell you, we don’t need a stinking playoff committee telling us who is in or out of the playoffs. This November, we have our own playoff in the Big 12. As of now, there are five teams fighting to make it to Jerry World to get a shot at winning a Big 12 championship. Between Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Iowa State and Texas, there is still plenty to play for despite the setbacks these teams have come across this season.


Farmageddon is becoming a premium matchup in the Big 12 as the respect for this game continues to go nationally. Kansas State goes into this weekend with two Big 12 losses against West Virginia and Oklahoma State while Iowa State’s only loss comes at the hands of Oklahoma State as well. No matter the outcomes, one team will walk away disappointed and one team will survive for yet another week.

At this point, it is safe to say if Kansas State loses this game, their Big 12 title hopes will be completely shattered with three losses in conference play. Meanwhile, Iowa State has more wiggle room, but a loss here would magnify their matchup in Austin that much more.

Of course, I cannot forget about Bedlam. It seems like nearly every single year; this game has major Big 12 title implications and that is certainly the case once again this year. If Oklahoma State falls, once again, to the Sooners, they will need some help to achieve their goal. And if the Sooners lose, their run of five straight Big 12 titles will come to an end as they would suffer their third loss in conference play.

This season may not be what we all expected but what we can expect is some early playoff football in the Big 12. Despite what the playoff committee and national media says, this is by far the most important weekend of the season in the conference. So, go ahead, grab a beer, and sink in that recliner and enjoy the action. Playoffs? Playoffs? We don’t need no stinkin’ College Football Playoff. We have our own and it is in November.

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