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The Wildest Texas Longhorns Stat to Sum Up the 2020 Season

NCAA Football: Baylor at Texas

Is it bad coaching? Sloppy playing? Bad luck? A combination of them? Regardless, as the Texas Longhorns regular season comes to an end this weekend against the Kansas Jayhawks, this simple stat from Rod Babers of The Horn radio station in Austin put this season into perspective.

This perfectly summarizes Texas football: they play up to their competition, but they also play down to their competition. That has been a Tom Herman staple dating back to his time as head coach of the Houston Cougars.

That, combined with last week’s loss to Iowa State, sparked the Urban Meyer rumors, but they appear to be dead.


That’s why it was shocking when Texas finally blew out an opponent on Saturday, when they hung nearly 70 points on Kansas State in a dominant 69-31 win.

However as I’ve noted before, it was a bad fumble by Keaontay Ingram at the goal line that cost Texas against TCU, and then the Iowa State game came down to some poor coaching decisions that may have resulted in a different outcome. A season with thousands of plays coming down to a handful. That’s how it works in the sport and Tom Herman knew that when he took the job.

But if there is one thing Texas fans want to see in 2021 and beyond, it’s not just competing for Big 12 titles and winning them, it’s blowing out teams in the bottom half of the conference, which has not happened enough for several years in Austin.

Here’s a tidbit to wrap up this issue: In the last decade, Oklahoma has won 17 conference games against teams not named Kansas by 30+ points. Texas has won two games like that. One of those was under Tom Herman.

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