Why Writing about Football is not as easy as You Think

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Sports writing of any kind, including writing about football, can be difficult. It is not enough just to be an avid fan of the game. If writing comes as naturally to you as watching football, you have a better chance of success.  

One of the difficult aspects is to find trusted sources so that you can offer quality content. Another is to stay up-to-date because the sports world is constantly changing. It is a competitive arena to be in and hard to get a scoop. 

It’s a competitive world 

The ubiquitous nature of football makes it a growing and competitive field. With all the competing sports publications, coming up with a quality article that’s timely and beats out the competition is not easy. It will help if you not only have essay writing abilities but also have extensive knowledge of football beyond just your team preferences.  

A comprehensive understanding of football in all its forms will be an advantage. You are likely to have to write about various different topics, from getting an athletic scholarship to attend college to writing a feature article about a specific player.  

It’s hard to be an expert in every area 

It is hard for a football writer to be an expert in every area. Identifying a niche gives a writer an opportunity to become an expert in a limited area. It means getting a comprehensive education in a specific niche and finding your strengths and fully utilizing them. A sportswriter needs to be able to inform, entertain and engage readers.  

This requires an intimate knowledge of what readers want to read. Being in command of your niche will help you to establish a unique, authoritative voice for your writing. Writing about what you know helps you to put your personality into an article and evoke a visceral reaction from readers.  

Suppose you want to write a personal statement but do not have as much expertise you have in essays or research papers. In that case, it’s wise to order outstanding personal statement writing services online and keep your focus on what you do best. It’s important to learn the intricacies of the work that you are more interested in and have a strong command of. As a college student, it will save you time and keep you motivated.  

It’s difficult to find trusted sources 

There is so much sports news all the time and with rumors constantly making the rounds, it can be hard to keep track of the truth of what is going on. Is a certain player really considering joining a new team?  

What would that do to his current team? Fake news abounds and it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. Publications often can’t resist publishing any article that will get views. If you want to keep the public informed of the truth, you will need trusted sources.  

It goes through constant changes 

Unexpected injuries, contract changes, drama in the lives of players are all fodder for the media. Keeping on top of all the changes takes effort. The last article you wrote can be out of date a day after it is published.  

Even a feature piece can be time-sensitive if you’ve analyzed the impact of a particular player who then gets seriously injured, taking them out of the game. Before you know it, your article is irrelevant.  

You often have to write to deadlines 

Writing quickly and efficiently is essential to success as a football writer. Football is very topical and what may be big news one day is redundant the next week. The benefit of working to deadlines is that it can make your writing punchier and more relevant.  

You need to be organized in order to produce marketable content and can’t afford to waste any time. Whether you write as a football journalist or cover football as a blogger, you will need to have a passion and drive. Otherwise, producing the necessary content will prove to be just too taxing for you.  

There are writers who are knowledgeable about the game and want to write about it as a profession but the ones who are successful are those who have persistence.  


Writing about football requires knowledge of the sport as well as the ability to write in a way that engages readers. Football writers face a number of challenges, such as fierce competition, having to find trusted sources and write to deadlines. They need to be passionate about the sport, love writing and be organized enough to produce quality content efficiently and quickly if they want to be successful.  

Author’s Bio: 

Stella Gary works for a publishing group as the senior writer and editor and manages their online content writing requirements. She’s also a prolific academic writer and works as a freelancer for a leading thesis and dissertation writing service. In her free time, she loves watching sports shows, listening to pop music and reading lifestyle and celebrity magazines. 


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