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How the Texas Longhorns Can Still Play in the Big 12 Championship Game

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Georgia vs Texas

So the Big 12 Championship Game is set for this weekend between the Oklahoma Sooners and Iowa State Cyclones. But in the COVID-19 year where games have been cancelled left and right, what happens if one of these teams can’t play due to COVID issues?

We found out that answer on Sunday, when the AP’s Ralph Russo reached out to the conference and found out that if either OU or Iowa State can’t play, the next team in line will take the field, which would be the Texas Longhorns.


So wait, Tom Herman could actually WIN a Big 12 title this year?! Obviously it would be an incredibility illegitimate championship, but still. Also, what does this mean for how Texas practices and prepares this week? They still are expected to play in a bowl game, but do they do some rough research on Iowa State and Oklahoma, just in case?

Regardless, we found out on Saturday that Tom Herman will be returning as the Texas head coach in 2021. So what would this mean if he can someone land himself a Big 12 Title? That sure would be peak 2020.

And if you’re a Big 12 fan who doesn’t have a dog in this fight, but wants the conference to make the College Football Playoff, then you want no part of this chaos. Either Iowa State or Oklahoma need to get a big win on Saturday to even be considered for the Final Four. And they likely need some help as well from the ACC and Big Ten (hello, Northwestern!).

But honestly, is there anything that would piss off every Big 12 fan outside of Austin than having to see either Iowa State or Oklahoma bail out of the Big 12 Championship and then somehow watch Texas pull off an upset in a game they weren’t supposed to be in?!

That would drive every fan in Lubbock, Waco, Fort Worth, Stillwater, Norman, Manhattan, Lawrence, Ames and Morgantown absolutely bonkers.

And once again, it would define 2020 in a nutshell.

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