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WATCH: Matt Campbell Loses it on Big 12 Refs

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Matt Campbell has been known to wear his emotions on his sleeve, for better or for worse. But the Iowa State head coach took it to the next level during the Big 12 Championship Game on Saturday against the Oklahoma Sooners.

With Iowa State trailing Oklahoma 17-0 in the second quarter, Iowa State line up for a play on a fourth and short in OU territory. Prior to the snap, it looked like multiple Oklahoma players jumped offsides, but the refs never threw a flag. That led to Matt Campbell losing it on the officials after having to call a timeout.


While at first glimpse it seemed like Campbell had every right to be livid, especially after the questionable targeting ejection earlier in the game of Iowa State safety Isheem Young, it was explained by the ESPN rules expert that because Iowa State did not snap the ball and no Iowa State player was touched, or flinched, Oklahoma technically did not deserve to be flagged.

Now, there’s certainly reasonable debate to be as to whether or not the flag would have been thrown in another instance, but regardless, but the letter of the law, it seems like the call was correct.

Campbell may have not realized that one of his players was not touched, especially on the second offsides which appeared to be right in the neutral zone.

Or it was just a boiling point for Campbell, who already was dealing with his team in a 17-0 hole as the Cyclones were trying to win their first conference title in football since 1912. The drive ended with Iowa State QB Brock Purdy throwing an interception.

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