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Trae Young, Grayson Allen Get Into Twitter Beef Over Alleged Tripping Incident

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Oklahoma

Former Duke star Grayson Allen is no stranger to controversy. He practically lived in it as the latest player to come through Duke basketball and be “that hated guy”. One of the reasons his reputation became as such is for his alleged propensity for being a dirty player, notably tripping opponents on multiple occasions, whether intentional or unintentional.

Well now that Allen is in the NBA, former Oklahoma Sooner star, and current Atlanta Hawks player, Trae Young was tripped by Allen this past weekend. He shared the clip and took it to Twitter where he said, “Damn… tell me what y’all see!! SMH this gotta stop.!” Trae Young then used the hashtag, “#ifyoudontknownowyouknow”, implying this is the kind of dirty play Grayson Allen has been involved with for years dating back to his college days with the Blue Devils.

Well, Allen responded on social media simply saying, “Damn that must’ve really hurt. I’m sorry. I hope you’re OK.”


I’m NEVER one to defend Duke. I hate them as much as any college basketball fan, outside of UNC fans of course. But I can’t see what happened on this play as any type of an intentional, dirty play by Grayson Allen. I understand Trae Young being frustrated in the moment and thinking that Allen may have been playing dirty, but watching that replay it is anything but that.

Allen retweeted a fan who responded to Young with the following point, which is a good one.

Incidental is the conclusion I come to. But honestly, this is probably the first and last play I’ll watch of the 202-21 NBA season. Unless there is more news involving a former Big 12 player, in which case we will obviously keep you up to speed at

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