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Reggie Bush Would’ve Rather Seen Oklahoma in the CFB Playoff

NCAA Football: Big 12 Championship-Oklahoma at Iowa State

Reggie Bush knows a thing or two about Championship college football teams from his days at USC. And after Alabama rolled over Notre Dame in the first College Football Playoff semifinal, Bush said what many of us were thinking.

Bush tweeted out, “This is why we need expansion in CFB Playoffs. I would much rather have seen Oklahoma play.”

I’m not sure if Bush was reading our minds, or our tweets, but we made a similar case as the Alabama-Notre Dame game was unfolding.


Oklahoma finished the season with a dominant Cotton Bowl win over Florida on Wednesday night. In the second half, Oklahoma was one of the hottest team in college football. While they had two losses and no two-loss team has ever made the Playoff, if there was ever a year for a case to be made, it was this year.

Notre Dame had a win over Clemson, but it was without their star QB Trevor Lawrence. When Lawrence returned for the ACC Championship Game, Clemson rolled. Meantime, Ohio State, who yes beat Clemson, had only played six games. Oh and then Texas A&M didn’t even win its division.

Alas, we’ll never know what would have been, but Oklahoma in either of these games would’ve been a compelling match up.

And while some might view these two semifinal blowouts as reason to not expand the College Football Playoff, I still could not disagree more. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, “What the College Football Playoff should do is move to an eight-team playoff. These spots would be reserved for each Power 5 Conference Champion, one Group of 5, plus two at-large bids. The committee would simply be in charge of picking two at-large teams and then also selecting the ranking numbers. That’s all they need to do.”

Cincinnati deserves at least a chance. Oklahoma deserves at least a chance. Maybe they get blown out, but we don’t really know.

What I do know is that a system that has allowed 11 programs to play in the Playoff in seven years of existence does not work and will continue to harm the sport of college football.

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