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Danny Kanell Says the Big 12 Deserved a College Football Playoff Spot

NCAA Football: Big 12 Championship-Oklahoma at Iowa State

The Big 12 Conference just went 5-0 in bowl games. It was an impressive performance in which four of the five teams even covered the spread in their games as favorites.

However, the Big 12 did not make the College Football Playoff this year, and wasn’t really ever in the discussion since both Iowa State and Oklahoma had two losses.

But that doesn’t sit well with everyone, including one of the loudest college football media voices in Danny Kanell, who tweeted out, “The Conference Champion of the best conference in college football throughout bowl season was left out of the playoffs. College Football is broken.”


Danny Kanell is absolutely right. Now do I think the Big 12 is the best conference in America right now? No, I’d still give a lean to the SEC. But I think the gap is much closer than many in college football media care to admit. Clearly, the Pac-12 and ACC (who just went 0-6 in bowl games) are the two worst Power 5 Conferences, while the SEC, Big 12 and Big Ten are the Top 3, with the order to be debated.

But good on Kanell for at least pointing out how absurd and broken the current system is when the Oklahoma Sooners, who yes had a bad loss to Kansas State, were playing some of the best football in America the final two months of the season, but because of the “2” in the loss column, they get no attention. All this while Notre Dame gets in when, in my opinion, the only reason they beat Clemson the first time was because the Tigers didn’t have Trevor Lawrence.

But per, usual, it worked for the TV networks. I guess? Yes, the College Football Playoff is broken.


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