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Pro Football Focus Somehow Names Dan Mullen the College Coach of the Year Over Matt Campbell

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2020 was wild year. While I am glad that it is over, I am also glad that we made it through an entire season. Of course, with football ending, awards are being handed out left and right an I try not to get too worked up about it.

I came up with my own All-Big 12 Football team a few weeks back but on Tuesday, Pro Football Focus had some awards of their own. Normally, I enjoy the work they do over there but when it came to coach of the year, I had to scratch my head and rub my eyes a bit to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things.

For some crazy reason, Pro Football Focus named Florida Head Coach Dan Mullen as the college coach of the year.

Dan Mullen went 8-4 at Florida this season and ended the year with three straight losses including a Cotton Bowl beatdown from Oklahoma.


To me, there should have been one clear cut winner for that award, and it should have gone to Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell. He led the Cyclones to their first ever conference title game appearance and won the Fiesta Bowl over Pac-12 Champion Oregon. Along the way his team also managed to beat three Top 25 teams (including Oregon) and one of those teams ended up being in the top ten (Oklahoma).

Meanwhile, the Gators only managed to beat one ranked opponent (Georgia) despite playing three other ranked teams. So not only did Iowa State have more wins on the year but they also beat better teams along the way. Oh, and before I forget, the Cyclones are not filled with a roster full of five-star talent like Florida.

But perhaps the biggest mistake in awarding coach of the year to Dan Mullen is what he said after his team got their tails whipped in the Cotton Bowl. Instead of owning up and taking one on the chin, he made excuses. Sorry but to me, that is not a man worthy of any postseason award.

If the award was going to the crybaby of the year, I am totally fine with Dan Mullen winning that but when it comes to coach of the year, Matt Campbell deserves that award more than any other coach in the country.

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