Things to Anticipate in the Super Bowl 55 Halftime Show

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Two years ago, Tampa was announced to host the Super Bowl 55 in 2021. At the time, many haphazard guesses were made as to who will be performing the lead performance in the halftime show. A few of the names that people had been throwing around are Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake.  

While nobody predicted the tandem of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez to perform in this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, Taylor Swift has been the favorite in halftime prop bets. This only elevated since Taylor Swift just released Folklore back in July this year. However, much to everyone’s surprise, it has been announced that the Weeknd will be the main act in 2021’s Super Bowl halftime show.  

However, a lot of prop bettors wagered on Taylor Swift to be the main act. And if you’ve done your research on halftime singer prop bet odds, The Weeknd isn’t even in the top five of people that are most likely to be the central performance. But this doesn’t mean that The Weeknd can’t pull it off. He is a great artist and will surely do one hell of a job. 

The Weeknd Announces His Upcoming Performance 

Back on November 12, The Weeknd announced on his Twitter that he’d be headlining the Super Bowl halftime show in 2021, following the performance of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez back in Super Bowl 54. While he may have big shoes to fill because of last year’s electric performance, he is the person suitable for the job. 

The Weeknd is a three-time Grammy award winner that boasts a unique and wide range of the stylistic musical spectrum. From an upbeat pop tune to risqué R&B melodies, he can do various song performances that can liven up the upcoming halftime show. But because The Weeknd has a lot of R-rated songs, his song choices for the performance can be limited.  

Not only that, if you have researched halftime bets odds, The Weeknd is not even on the top 5 of most prop bet odds you can see online. The odds for The Weeknd was (+2000), which means that he is far down the expectations of a lot of bettors. The first three of the odds were Taylor Swift (+150), Adele (+300), and Rihanna (+600). 

Song Choices 

Since The Weeknd has been announced to perform in the halftime show, many people speculate which song will be the main act in his performance. There are five songs that people are expecting to hear for the performance, not to mention the topic of prop bets. 

Here are the songs that prop bettors are predicting as the main song of the halftime show. 

  • Can’t Feel My Face 
  • I Feel It Coming 
  • Blinding Lights 
  • Starboy 
  • The Hills 

Although the odds haven’t been released yet, you can expect that these songs might have a range of (+150)-(+300) odds.  

“Bubble” Environment for the Halftime Show 

Thanks to COVID-19, the most anticipated Super Bowl Halftime Show will be held in a bubble that’s separate from the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Earlier, Digital News said that the NFL is planning to hold the halftime show in a different space that’s far away from the audience to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. 

Though it’s still in the early stages of planning, the NFL is also thinking of building bubble venues for the people attending the event. Right now, it’s still not set in stone, and the NFL is still thinking about the logistic side of things. So, what is the purpose of these bubbles? 

Supposedly, the bubbles will be isolating the production of the halftime event from the players and the audience. This is because typically, the halftime show consists of a lot of staff members, support crew, and the performers themselves. However, since it’s not yet sure that this will be implemented for the Super Bowl, there’s a lot of speculation regarding the places where these bubbles will be placed. 

Rumors also suggest that the NFL is thinking of changing where the performance will take place. However, due to the tricky nature of the said bubble, the NFL is considering moving the performances outside. This could motivate the NFL to move the performance somewhere sunny like Arizona or California. 

Another solution that the NFL is considering is scaling down the show itself with fewer performances and visual effects. While this will solve their logistics problem, there’s no way of saying that the fans will like this decision. 


The halftime show is one of the most anticipated events by fans and bettors alike. While it may have been the topic of controversy several times in the past, it’s still an event that a lot of people wait for every year, not just to have fun but also to win some cash in prop betting. 


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