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Bob Huggins on Oscar Tshiebwe’s departure: I think there were some people who ‘worked very diligently at trying to get him out’

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Oscar Tshiebwe’s departure from West Virginia doesn’t appear to be sitting well with many, including head coach Bob Huggins.

Huggins talked on The Bob Huggins Show and said it was “100% outside influences” that gold him to leave. Huggins went on to say, “I think there were some people involved who saw where they could benefit, maybe profit, and worked very diligently at trying to get him out.”

Here’s the video:


I thought one of Huggins most underrated comments was when he said, “It’s easier to steal than it is to work and earn things. It’s take the easy way out.”

That’s a helluva statement. And by the way, entirely accurate.

Hours after the video came out, it was announced that Oscar Tshiebwe would be transferring to the Kentucky Wildcats. He had seen a dip in his numbers from his freshman season, but was still nearly averaging a double-double. He will now have to sit out the rest of the 2020-21 season and will be eligible to play at Kentucky for the 2021-22 season.

The Mountaineers are coming off of a loss to the Texas Longhorns on Saturday. It doesn’t get any easier from here as West Virginia travels to Waco to take on No. 2 Baylor on Tuesday.

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