Texas Tech Red Raiders

A College Football AP Poll Voter Put Texas Tech in his Top 5 to End the Season

There are minor errors, then there are colossal mistakes. This example would fall into the latter.

The final college football AP Poll came out this week after Alabama beat Ohio State in the National Championship on Monday night. And it’s always fun to break it down and see who voted how. It gives you a glimpse into regional bias, conference bias and much more.

But then sometimes you find blunders that make you shake your head. And we certainly found that from Nathan Baird an Ohio State reporter with Cleveland.com who put the Texas Tech Red Raiders at No. 5 in his final college football AP Poll.


Don’t believe me? Check it out.

Here’s a close up.

So apparently we are chalking this all up to a mistake and he meant to put in Texas A&M. It happens, I guess? But man, Texas Tech? Yes, the Red Raiders who just finished the season 4-6 and barely beat Kansas to end the season.

So like we said, there are minor errors and then there are huge mistakes. I’d say ranking the Texas Tech Red Raiders in the Top 5 of your AP Poll falls into the latter category.

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