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Steve Sarkisian to Colin Cowherd: ‘You Don’t Say No to Texas’

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Ohio State vs Alabama

After winning the National Championship with Alabama on Monday, it’s full steam ahead for new Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian.

He is starting to put together his staff, which includes picking off guys from Alabama. He’s also doing more media hits. Sarkisian joined FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd on Thursday, where he said, “You don’t turn down Texas.”

Sarkisian also talked about several other items.

Here’s what he said about how much “pressure” he feels: “I don’t know if I feel pressure. In my opinion, when you take a Texas job, an Alabama, Ohio State, USC, you have to recognize what the job is. If you don’t, then when things aren’t going the way you want them to go, then you feel the pressure. The reality is when you take this job, our job is to win championships. Our job is to year in, year out be in the conversation of the College Football Playoff. I can’t have my head in the sand and not recognize that.”


On if he may never get another head coaching job: “For sure there was. When I got let go at USC, that was a tough time for me, my family. There were some dark days there. You know I had to get to a point, I’m not going to worry about if I’m ever going to be a head coach ever again. I’m going to focus on being the best Steve Sarkisian today, the best coach today, the best mentor I can be today. And slowly but surely it started to happen… the opportunities to become a head coach started to present themselves. I said no to a lot of them. I said no to all of them, until this one came. You don’t say no to Texas.

On what he will learn and take from Nick Saban: “He knows who he is and he doesn’t vary from who he is and what he believes in… he knows what he thinks are the core values to be a successful organization and football team, and he really doesn’t vary from that. Second is the discipline and routine that he has in his life that carries over to the program.”

Here’s some of the video from the interview:

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