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Meet Iowa State’s New All-State Kicker, Wrestler and Mullet Wearer, Keegan Shackford

Another signing day is in the books as we officially move on to the class of 2022. Now there are always players in each class who catch me eye. However, when we sit back and look at who signed, how rarely are kickers brought up?

Sure, kickers are a different breed of football player but how often do you find an all-state kicker who just so happens to be an all-state wrestler as well. Well, now you will as you will meet Iowa State walk-on kicker Keegan Shackford from Ashburn, Virginia. Oh, and by the way, he has a pretty cool mullet too.


HCS: What made you decide to walk on at Iowa State?

Keegan: The five-star culture. Matt Campbell and the whole staff match my energy and drive for the game. I am going humble and hungry and will bring the energy to ISU in the classroom, field, weight room, and everywhere else. Also have been talking to coach Grande for a while and we connected from the Get-go! Also built a great relationship with coach Hoodjer. I’m just so pumped to get down to Ames!”

HCS: Coming all the way from the state of Virginia, Iowa State must be a special place to you.

Keegan: “A few years ago, I was playing high level academy soccer…in a weird twist, I started football in high school and quickly realized it was truly my passion! Once I figured out that kicking was my passion, my kicking coach here has always brought up Iowa State and that’s how I initially got interested. Plus, I always wanted to get away for college.

HCS: You are an all-state wrestler as well, how do you use those skills to help you kick?

Keegan: “Leg and knee drive for sure plus power! Wrestling is a lot like kicking. It’s all on you and nowhere to hide.


HCS: Kickers are a different breed in the football world. Do you have any weird rituals before a game or before a kick?

Keegan: “Ok this is weird, but I spray water on my head, tape my right wrist, pray, meditate, and listen to music. I also talk to myself which my family thinks is weird.

HCS: When did you first get the mullet and how long will you keep it?

Keegan: “I am taking it to Ames for sure! My mom doesn’t quite think it’s an 80’s mullet but I’m working on it!

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