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Ranking the Big 12 Coaches You Would Most Like To Be Stuck With in a Snowstorm

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Oklahoma State

Welcome to the college football offseason. If you are anything like me, this is perhaps the worst time of the year. Although we have some spring football to look forward to soon, the news cycle has been drier than my backyard which is now dirt due to the severe drought we are in.

With freezing cold temperatures sweeping across Big 12 country, I thought it would be fun to rank the Big 12 coaches I would most like to be stuck in a snowstorm with for a weekend. Now I will be the first to admit, being in south Texas, snowstorms are just about as rate as winning the lottery but thanks to the power of bourbon and my imagination, I can make this happen.

10. Oklahoma Head Coach Lincoln Riley

We all know Lincoln Riley is probably the best coach not just in the Big 12 but maybe the entire country. The man is an offensive genius to say the least. However, his personality is about as exciting as a cardboard box. He is dull and boring and does a great job at saying things that don’t have a ton of meaning. Maybe a few stiff drinks would help him a bit to loosen up.


9. Baylor Head Coach Dave Aranda

I have nothing against Dave Aranda, but I am not sure I could spend more than a day with him. I am not too familiar with his personality, but I do know he can crack a joke or two. But him being a California native, I am not too sure how he would handle the conditions even though he did have a stop at Wisconsin for a couple years.

8. Kanas State Head Coach Chris Klieman

Chris Klieman knows cold weather. He has spent most of his time up north and is now in the state of Kansas. This snowstorm wouldn’t be his first rodeo. However, I am not too sure what he would be like to hang out with. He seems a little boring to me personally. Maybe someone can deny that but at least he isn’t last right?

7. West Virginia Head Coach Neal Brown

Neal Brown is a good guy. He is nice and it would hard for someone to say otherwise. But if I stack him up against some of these other Big 12 coaches, how fun would it be to be around him for a couple days? That I am not sure of. Although if he has some moonshine on him from the great state of West Virginia, he could move a few spots on this list.

6. Texas Tech Head Coach Matt Wells

Matt has a little more character than him than some may realize but I wouldn’t say he would be better than the coaches ahead of him. He spent plenty of time in the state of Utah and has likely been in a snowstorm or two. Also, after seeing his home set up, coach Wells does like to play some games which is a plus.


5. Iowa State Head Coach Matt Campbell

I will be the first to admit, I would run through a wall for Matt Campbell. When he speaks, you listen. He is all business all the time, but I do know the man enjoys NFL football which is something I always enjoy talking about. While he wouldn’t be my first pick to be stuck with, he certainly wouldn’t be the last one.

4. TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson

Gary wears his heart on his sleeve a bit. He isn’t going to hide his emotions; he will tell you. While I am not sure about him breaking out the guitar for a music session, I think it would be fun to hear about all his stories from being at TCU for so long. He wouldn’t be afraid to tell me which coaches he hates, and I am all ears when it comes to that.

3. Texas Head Coach Steve Sarkisian

Steve Sarkisian is a California guy, he has a remarkably interesting history of places where he has been. From USC to the NFL and under Nick Saban. He would have plenty of stories from his times at those places and I would be extremely interested to hear all about it. Of course, with him now being at Texas, he can tell me which booster he hates the most.


2. Kansas Head Coach Les Miles

I am not the biggest Les Miles fan, but he sure is not boring. You never know what will come out of his mouth and with all his coaching experience, I am sure he has some great stories from his days at Oklahoma State and LSU. Although I do wonder, since he eats grass, would he eat the snow too?

1. Oklahoma State Coach Mike Gundy

Ok, I get it. Some people love Mike Gundy, and some people hate him. Now when it comes to the game of football, I am not his biggest fan but to his credit, he doesn’t hide anything or try to be something he is not. What you see is what you get and at times, I find him downright hilarious. I don’t think there would ever be a dull moment with a man like Mike Gundy. Especially after a drink or two.

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