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Steve Sarkisian’s Salary and Contract Details Have Been Released

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There is an old saying in the lone star state that “Everything is bigger in Texas.” Well, that can certainly be true most times when it comes to the size portions, oil and of course the game of football.

While football has deep roots in the state of Texas, the game itself isn’t just enough. Here you will find high school stadiums better than most college ones and for that to be possible, money is what funds that beast. Surely, some would pay whatever it takes to see their team have the nicest facilities, the best players and of course the best coaches.


When Texas was ready to move on from Tom Herman and his hefty $15 million buyout, the boosters in the state did whatever it took to get him out quickly and help fund a new replacement. That replacement ended up being none other than former Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian who was hired to be the next Texas head coach just last month.

Between him and the staff hires, it appeared that no stone was left unturned as well as no pocketbook left full when it came down to it. Between several one million dollar salaries (or more) for assistant coaches, nobody knew how much the man in charge would be receiving.

However, this past weekend revealed just how much Steve Sarkisian would be getting to try and turn the Texas program back around. He will receive an annual salary of $5.2 million this year and that number will rise 200,000 per year until 2026 where Sarkisian will be receiving a total of 6.2 million in his final year of his current six-year deal.


In addition to the $34.2 million in total salary, Sarkisian is eligible for a $1.2 million retention bonus on Dec. 31, 2024 and up to $675,000 in incentives. We all know that college coaches get paid a ton of money because even if you get canned, you still will be getting your hefty sum that is owed to you. However, when 2026 rolls around will Steve Sarkisian still be wearing the burnt orange, or will he be just another name of the list of coaches who couldn’t get the job done in Austin?

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