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VIDEO: OU Football Player Injured in Off-Campus Bar Brawl

spencer jones fight video

Oklahoma football player Spencer Jones was seriously injured in an off-campus fight, according to a report late Saturday night from the OU Daily.

OU Daily had a conversation with Jones’ attorney, Woody Glass, who said the fight in a men’s room at Logie’s on the Corner after midnight on February 13-14 ended up with his client requiring facial surgery from Norman surgeon Dr. Perry Brooks.

The surgery may have saved his eye, as the four-hour outpatient surgery took place on February 16 and had to rebuild Jones’ left orbital socket.


Here’s video of the fight:

Woody Glass told The Daily, “Dr. Brooks came out of that surgery saying he’s extraordinarily lucky at this point, that he’s lucky he didn’t lose the eye altogether … and thinks everything is eventually going to come back to normal, but it’s going to take a while for him to fully recover.”

Spencer Jones is from Nashville and played one season at Liberty before transferring to Oklahoma.

UPDATE, Monday, February 22nd:

According to the OU Daily, the Norman, Oklahoma police department confirmed it is investigating the fight.

According to the report, “TMZ initially reported Monday morning that the investigation had been launched. NPD has labeled the incident as aggravated assault and battery in its report and says it has identified all involved parties, but the report doesn’t name parties other than Jones. No arrests have been made, it states.

Norman Public Information Officer Sarah Jensen clarified to The Daily in an email that any eventual charges would be determined by the Cleveland County district attorney upon the conclusion of the investigation.

Also of note, in the initial tweet that shared the video, one user identifying himself as Braden Brown said he and his brother are the men who fought with Spencer Jones. Brown said in his tweet they were left with “no options.”

“Just to get rid of the misconceptions, I’m the fellow in the beanie and that is my brother,” Brown said in the tweet. “We are not wrestlers at any university, we have been wrestling since we were in diapers and MMA/Cage Fighting since we were 12. They gave us no options unfortunately. We showed restraint.”

We will see if the Norman Police department comes to the same conclusion.

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