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Former OU Assistant Shane Beamer Explains Why His Kids Didn’t Want to Leave Oklahoma

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As someone who used to work in Oklahoma (Woodward to be exact), I believe it to be a great state with outstanding people. In fact, I believe Oklahomans are some of the nicest people in America. And that’s for both Sooners and Cowboys!

This week, former OU assistant and current South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer talked with Kegan Reneau of The Franchise in Oklahoma City, and he talked about how tough it was for his kids to leave Oklahoma for South Carolina.

Beamer said his daughters wanted to stay in Oklahoma because of the snow and his son because his favorite movie is Twister.


OK, well I’ll give South Carolina this: It’s weather beats Oklahoma’s. Hands down. However, I am all on board with Shane Beamer’s son. Twister is one of those movies that whenever it’s on TV, I will sit through every commercial and take an extra hour than is needed to watch it. I just don’t care.

Here you can watch the entire interview with Shane Beamer.

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