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Les Miles Offered Secret Settlement to Female LSU student

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Former LSU head coach, and currently Kansas Jayhawks head coach, Les Miles reportedly offered a secret settlement to a female student at LSU during his time as head coach of the Tigers.

This news comes from The Advocate in Louisiana, which reported: “Miles reached a settlement with a former student who accused him of harassment several years ago, and the settlement has surfaced as investigators probe the university’s handling of sexual misconduct and domestic violence complaints.”

The episode is reportedly a decade old when a former LSU Athletic Department student intern accused Miles of “hitting on her”.

The Advocate reached Miles by phone on Wednesday and he denied making advances toward a student intern saying, “That’s not true.”


Miles’ attorney Peter Ginsberg said to The Advocate in an email Wednesday that a description of Miles’ settlement with the student was “discernibly incomplete and inaccurate, and its publication would recklessly cast Mr. Miles in a false light.” However, it is important to note that Ginsberg did not immediately respond to follow-up questions about whether he was denying the existence of the settlement itself.

The settlement does not show up when searching Baton Rouge court records. But it has come to light because of a full investigation being done on how LSU has handled allegations of sexual misconduct and domestic violence cases.

The group that is expected to deliver a report later this week, Husch Blackwell, is diving into how LSU has handled a number of cases over the years, including allegations of sexual assault and domestic violence involving LSU football players. These allegations and incidents have happened under the tenures of Les Miles and current head coach Ed Orgeron, who took over in 2016.

Miles has been the head coach of the Jayhawks since 2019 and is 3-18 in his first two seasons in the job. His five-year contract expires at the end of the 2023 season.

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