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Oklahoma Plans to be at Maximum Capacity This Fall

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Oklahoma

The last year has been wild. Nobody saw what 2020 had in store and once COVID-19 hit, I wasn’t sure what would happen to college football or how it would play out. Spring practices came to a halt and were cancelled. Meanwhile, the 2020 season was never a sure thing until the Big 12 said yes, we will play football.

Sure, the game looked a bit different. No non-conference games and with limited crowds, the energy inside the stadium never matched the drama happening on the field.


However, with restrictions being lifted in some parts of the country, is it possible we could see stadiums full this fall? Well, Oklahoma Athletic Director Joe Castiglione thinks so. He made an announcement released to the Sooner faithful. In the statement Castiglione said the decision was made “In our ongoing consultation with the state’s leading medical authorities. With the vaccination adoption and supply increasing, we are encouraged by the improvement we are seeing across Oklahoma. You can rest assured that we will remain vigilant in our preparations, but for now, we are working under the assumption that the stadium will be full.”

For now, mask wearing is still mandatory for Oklahoma athletic events for the spring. However, no decision has been made yet for when football season comes around. Obviously there are some things still to work out with all of this news and if there is a safe way to pack the stadiums again, I am all for it.

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