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Nebraska Football: Stop Being Cowards and Take Your Butt Whooping from Oklahoma

NCAA Football: Northern Illinois at Nebraska

When you talk about the blue bloods of college football, everyone has their own opinion. Maybe you include schools like Oklahoma, Texas, USC, Alabama, Michigan, Ohio State, LSU and others. Some would argue that Nebraska Football belongs in the conversation, and if this were the early 2000’s, I would totally agree.  

However, this is not the early 2000’s. A lot has changed since then. Like Nebraska not winning a conference title since 1999. Once could argue that the Cornhuskers were on the right track under Bo Pelini (2008-2014), but for the most part, Nebraska has not done a whole lot since their last National Championship appearance where they got embarrassed by Miami back in that 2002 Rose Bowl.  

Now here we are in the year 2021. Scott Frost is the head coach and while a lot of promises have been made, Nebraska is nothing more as a football program than being full of empty promises. Since Frost took over he has an overall record of 12-20. And over the last four years, Nebraska is 16-28 and has a conference record of 12-23. Oh and by the way, they haven’t sniffed a bowl game since 2016.  


As bad as all those numbers are nothing is worse than being a coward. And after Brett McMurphy’s report, that is exactly what Nebraska is, a coward.

Interestingly, Oklahoma AD Joe Castiglione released a statement and did not deny any of McMurphy’s reporting.

We all know how that game would have played out. Oklahoma would have broken any ounce of hope that the Huskers had for their 2021 football season by completely embarrassing them. This game was supposed to be played for the 50 year anniversary of the famous 1971 matchup between these two programs.  


If Nebraska didn’t want to play this game, then why did they schedule it years ago? Is it because they thought they would be “back on track” by now as a national powerhouse? The only thing more embarrassing than backing out of this game is that as a reminder, Nebraska head coach Scott Frost said last offseason that, “We want to play no matter who it is and where it is.” 

Well, apparently that’s not the case any more.

So my final question is, when will this game be played? How long will it take Nebraska football to get their act together? Maybe by the time the 75th anniversary for the 1971 game comes around? I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. Nebraska, play the game and take the butt whopping. It’s not Oklahoma’s fault you have a dormant football program. Remember when toilet paper was scarce during COVID-19? Turns out all along we could have used Nebraska football to wipe our rear ends. Because I know they are softer than the Charmin toilet paper I use.


It’s nice to see Nebraska was shamed into playing this game after it released the statement below, admitting that it explored the idea of switching to another game, while of course using COVID and finances as its excuse.

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